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Chateau Montifaud VSOP - Ariane Bottle


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No special way to enjoy this VSOP, pleasure comes automatically! Excellent cocktail base, Catherine also likes associating the VSOP with scallops cooked with the endive in cream


Chateau Montifaud Cognac VSOP

Our most popular Montifaud Cognac in the range.

Much older than the minimum of 4 years of ageing required by the regulation, this VSOP is the best seller of Château Montifaud range.

Golden color, not too light or too complex, a perfect balance, structure and already great length on the palate.

Lots of finesse, notes of vineyard flower but evolution to dried flowers, some fruits also (pear, apricot), this VSOP is very round, mellow and fine on the palate.

The challenge and family story of 6 generations driven by the same passion for 150 years, to sell our own production of top quality Cognac & Pineau des Charentes only in bottles. 125ha of sustainable vineyard (mainly Ugni-Blac variety) in the 2 finest growths of the cognac regioun to produce a real "growers' product".