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Fuji Single Blended Masterpiece


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Mt. Fuji Distillery was established and commissioned in 1973.  While most other Japanese distilleries followed the whisky production methods of Scotland, Fuji took influence from major whisk(e)y countries all around the world, hence the “e” in Fuji whiskey.  Master Distiller Jota Tanaka has 30 years of distilling experience in the US and Japan and is only the second Master Blender in the distillery’s history.

The Distillery’s temperature and altitude play a significant role in the final product showcasing unique flavours of Fuji single grain whiskey.

Being the closest distillery to Mt Fuji (only 12km away) they source their water direct from the mountain and it is used across the entire production process.  The water takes about 50 years to cycle from snowmelt.


Fuji Single Blended Masterpiece ABV: 50%

Average 15 year some 30 years +

A single blend whiskey blended only with malt whiskey and grain whiskey from Fuji Distillery. In addition to historical unblended whiskeys that have been aged for over 30 years, we have used ‘challenge’ whiskeys that have been aged in red wine barrels and IPA beer barrels to enhance the characteristics of the final product. A special limited edition that maximizes the features of the Fuji Gotemba Distillery.

•Malt (Various Types) ≒  45%
•Heavy Grain  ≒  20%
•Medium Grain ≒  35%


•Ex Red Wine French Oak
•Ex Bourbon American Oak
•Ex IPA American Oak