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Ichiro's Mizunara Wood Reserve Single Malt

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Alc % 46
Category Pure/Vatted Malt Whisky
Origin Japan

This whisky from Ichiro Akuto's distillery has been aged with Mizunara wood, a native oak of Japan - Quercus Magnolica. It is a rare timber and expensive. It's mostly only available at auctions now, were distillers must compete with high-end craft furniture makers who seek the wood with a high budget to pay for it, driving the price up. But fortunately Mizunara has the power to impart its distinctive and sought-after flavour in whisky when used in small quantities. So often because this wood is both rare and expensive, only part of a barrel uses Mizunara. This is however enough to impart the characteristic and highly distinctive aromas of sandalwood, redwood, allspice and the perfumed aromas of rye. Japanese think of the aromas of old temples and the inscense that is used at them.

This is a smooth Japanese blended malt whisky, most likely comprised of Hanyu & Chichibu (where it was matured, vatted and bottled). Ichiro owns Chichibu distillery and also old stocks of the old Hanyu distillery, where his grandfather was the distiller. It's a blend of the new and old, seasoned with Mizunara.

Dave Broom wrote in a Whisky Advocate review -"The palate is soft and slow to start, then picks up mouthwatering acidity — there‚Äôs that rye parallel. Green plum and peach, balanced with spiciness on the end. Once encountered, never forgotten..."

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