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Makers Mark Cask Strength Bourbon


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This is Maker's Mark Bourbon in its purest form. This Makers Mark has nothing added to get in the way of flavour. It's certainly not a beginners bourbon, Makers Mark Cask Strength is for the enthusiast whos after bolder flavors and higher alcohol proof. Although bottled at 55.45% alc/vol and nonchill filtered, Maker's Mark Cask Strength is surprisingly smooth, this bourbon retains the signature, front-of-the-palate flavors of Maker's Mark while amping up the notes of oak, caramel, vanilla and spice.

After being screen filtered to remove wood pieces and char, Makers Mark Cask Strength goes straight to the bottle at a range of 108 to 114 proof. This wouldnt work with just any whisky. Makers Mark Cask Strength is well crafted with carefully selected ingredients and aged until its just right.

Maker's Mark was designed to be bold, yet enjoyable. That is part of the reason the high-proof barrel-strength version is so surprisingly smooth.

While it may seem like a recent addition to the Makers family, in truth Cask Strength has always been at the core of every bourbon we produce. Even before we decided to put this premium bourbon in a bottle, Maker's Mark Cask Strength served as the base of the original Maker's Mark. It's also the foundation for the bourbons in our wood-finishing series Maker's Mark 46 and Maker's Mark Private Selection.

Too good to keep barreled up
Through the decades, fans of single barrel and barrel-proof bourbon have inquired about when Maker's Mark would release one of its own. And, the philosophy at the distillery was always to remain true to Bill, Sr.'s taste vision. But, after releasing Maker's Mark 46 and actually tasting this stuff right out of the barrel, our thinking on a barrel-strength release evolved.
700ml bottle