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Tartuga Rhum 43% 700ml


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Rhum selection from Trinidad & Tobago - Panama - Caribbean.


Tartuga Rhum

Selection: Rhum selection from Trinidad & Tobago - Panama - Caribbean.
Blend: Blend in Provence by our master liquor-maker.
Finish: Aged in Vin cuit de Provence (cooked wine) barrels (made in a wood fire copper caldron) 3 to 6 months.
Tasting: Rounded flavour, opulence and fruityness (candied fruit & toasted almond) bring by the Vin Cuit finish. Brioche finish, persistent & original, with strong personnality.
Tartuga (Turtle): Coming from the islands through the ages, the turtle (Tartuga in Provençal) great traveler of the oceans, from the Caribbean seas to the hills of Provence (Maures) brings us this premium blended Rhum.