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Porfidio Fraxinus

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Porfidio Fraxinus

Made from 100% Blue Agave

Made from cold-pressed, first growth, Blue Agave plant juice. This results in less than half the methanol content of the industry average for 100% Agave Tequila

* The cold Pressed agave juice is enzymatically hydrolised, not thermallly hydrolised or cooked

Porfidio Fraxinus is distilled with state-of- the-art German Holstein equipment

Porfidio Fraxinus is continuously aged in the same virgin wooden barrel throughout the entire aging process, not 'finished' in virgin oak

The barrels made from Fraxinus wood, which is not oak but from a European Ash tree. Staves are hand toasted and not charred. Each Fraxinus tree requires 100 years of growth to reach maturity.

Only 14 barrels were made from one single Fraxinus tree (27m high and 1.6m round) that was planted in 1857 in Bavaria and harvested on its 150th birthday under special government license. Porfidio was able to acquire 6 barrels for Fraxinus

Fraxinus wood contains almost no wood tannins compared to oak, hence there's very little astringency in the Fraxinus after-taste and very little colour has been imparted to spirit

Fraxinus was aged in the cold temperatures of the Bavarian Alps, producing delicate and complex flavours

The hand made porcelain bottle from Germany is off-white in colour with a satin finish and decorated with embossed vertical ridges, contoured to the shape of the bottle. The logo and text details on the front are also blind embossed, with no colour making a strikingly elegant bottle.

Very limited edition of only 1000 bottles from the 6 barrels

The result is a beautiful balance between superior Agave flavours and refined wood, without tannins. Medium light in body with gentle complexity.