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Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur


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Coole Swan Premium Irish Cream Liqueur

Coole Swan was established in 2009. The aim was simple: to make the world?s most delicious tasting cream liqueur. Coole Swan is owned and run by Mary and Philip (husband and wife) and is based on our family farm on the East coast in Ireland. We source the finest single malt Irish whiskey from one of Ireland?s oldest distilleries. It was selected and blended with real Belgian white chocolate and then with our farm fresh, natural dairy cream. Coole Swan is the number one premium Irish cream liqueur.

What makes us the number one? Is our relentless focus on quality ingredients, taste, packaging and design. When it comes to the ingredients, we keep it simple. Single-malt Irish whiskey, real Belgian white chocolate and fresh dairy cream ? blended to deliver a fresh, authentic and luxurious experience. The Crafting of Coole Swan within minutes of milking the cream is taken from the churns and so the journey begins. From here the cream is heated to 60 degrees Celsius and it is only at this point we add the Belgian white chocolate. The chocolate and cream are combined in a gentle heating process. This requires careful management with the mixture churned up to 100 times an hour and takes up to 5 hours to complete one batch. Once velvety and smooth we carefully add the single malt Irish whiskey. This is a delicate process which requires skill and patience. From here we let the mixture rest. It is sampled and turned several times until we get the perfect blend. It is then and only then that Coole Swan is ready for our customer.

The Name Coole Swan The name "Coole Swan" was inspired by one of Ireland's Great Romantic Poets ? WB Yeats. The most famous poem being ?The Wild Swans at Coole?. The poem is about the search for a lasting beauty in a changing world? an aspiration the team at Coole Swan worked tirelessly to achieve and maintain in this premium liqueur. The Bottle The Coole Swan bottle is based on the shape of a milk bottle from Victorian times c1850. Coole Swan bottles are produced with a special light-resistant frosting, keeping Coole Swan fresh and ready for consumption.