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Finlaggan Cask Strength


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A cask strength single malt, from an unspecified Islay distillery.
This Finlaggan has all the flavour aspects and qualities that people look for in a Peated Islay Single Malt. It has strength of flavour and dept of character, with great complexity. Upfront theres strong phenolic marine peat, sea shells, grainy cereal barley and raw dough on the nose. Adding a little water opens it up to give medicinal peat and moth balls.

On the palate there's rich cereal flavours with a big marine peat hit. Young fresh, smokey, all-spice, oak cakes, green peppercorns, fresh ginger and with water it becomes a little sweeter. Rich sweet smoke. Iodine,
lemon zest with a beautiful mouth coating oiliness. Waves of tarry peat.
The finish has oak char and hints of lemon. The complexity will astound. Peppery peat. Soot and ash. Long and warming
Finlaggan is a very enjoyable peated Islay Scotch Whisky at a nice price.