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NIO Cocktails 'Bitter Sweet Love' Gift Pack 6 x 100ml


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Spread some Love with NIO Cocktails


NIO Cocktails Bitter Sweet Love Pack

This is one of NIO Cocktails' Love Sets - beautifully packaged for gift giving or for a night at home with your bestie.
This 'Bitter Sweet Love' Gift Pack has a selection of 6 different cocktails with both bitter and sweet flavour profiles. There's something for every taste and 'Bitter Sweet' situation.
The cocktails are ready to pour. Nothing required but ice. Each cocktail is 100ml. Average 25% alc/vol
Get out your nicest glass, add some ice cubes and simply tear the corner off the pack. Pour over ice and sip away. Your drink has been expertly mixed in Milan, Italy for your enjoyment.

Cocktail List
1 x Negroni - Perfect bittersweet balance of gin, vermouth and bitters.
1 x Boulevardier - A whiskey version of Negroni. Strong and balanced.
1 x Gin Proved - Gin and floral liqueur creates this inspired pre-dinner drink.
1 x Daiquiri - A classic rum cocktail made to drink cold and clean.
1 x Cosmopolitan - Created in 1975 this drink went on to become very popular in the 90s.
1 x Milano Torino - The original Italian Bittersweet cocktail and staple of Italian culture, crafted with Campari and Vermouth. Garnish with orange peel.
No extra ingredients or tricky methods are required. Just tear off the corner of the sleeve and pour in a glass over ice to enjoy.

Brands used in NIO cocktails
Ketel One
Cocchi Storico
Santiago De Cuba
No added preservatives, colours or flavours.

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