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Amuerte Gin White Edition


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The botanic ingredients used for Amuerte White Gin are: Peruvian coca leaves, cardamom, coriander, finer lime (biological hand picked at the Natural Park Circeo/ Sabaudia, close to Rome) and Sichuan pepper. The harmonious mix offers an enjoyable balsamic freshness.

Long before the time of Paolo Escobar and the Colombian drug dealers, the cocaine plant had a powerful mystical role for the people who cultivated it. In the antique Peruvian society, cocaine leaves were appreciated by the whole Inca Empire for their natural properties helpful to fight hunger and sicknesses.
During a trip with rucksacks through the tropical forest, it was witnessed how a local tribe chewed some cocaine leaves. Thanks to this experience the mystical savour of the coca leaves was discovered.

The family, who is well skilled at transforming the taste of leaves into a unique gin, has a history dating back 112 years. We have essentially arrived at the fourth family generation and are now experts at distilling gin with true passion. We have captured an incredible, well balanced, vivacious cocaine flavour that is fine and bitter with brilliant notes of tamarillo, papaya, and South American drake.