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Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Rum


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An incredibly rare, limited edition rum, minimum age 30 years. This rum celebrates the legacy of excellence and premium quality rums from Jamaica.
It's a beautifully complex blend, created by Master distiller Joy Spence, featuring notes of vibrant vanilla, toasted oak, ginger and warming cinnamon. It has a smooth and long spiced honey finish.

The Robreport writes
Indeed, as a rum ages, its proof diminishes, and Caribbean regulations stipulate that to be called “rum,” the spirit must be at least 80 proof [40% alc/vol]. This new 30 Year Old easily exceeds that requirement, clocking in at 86 proof, and is cloaked in Appleton Estate’s signature orange peel nuances. Except, in this case—due to its extensive aging—numerous complex flavors also emerge, including vanilla, baked pears, honey, and something previously found in the first Appleton 30 Year Old, a hint of maple.
Starting out fifty years ago as 26 barrels, evaporation has taken its toll; by 2011 only 13 casks remained. Spence composed the final 50-plus-year-old blend from these casks, then married them together for another year prior to bottling. Scheduled to be released in October 2018, only 4,000 bottles of Appleton Estate 30 Year Old were produced.

These are possibly the only bottles to be available in Australia, left from the limited 2018 batch.

Joy Spence was the world's first female Master Distiller.