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Box Whisky 2nd Step Collection 01


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The first step in The 2nd Step Collection is the most smoky official bottling from Box so far. It is a whisky that combines a distinctive smokiness with a subtle fruitiness and a soft barrel character.

All whisky included in this series is smoky. With the pilot series Early Days Collection, we explored flavours and characters of really young whisky, now we take another step and can experiment with a more mature taste palette. Even the Second Step Collection 01 is a young whisky, the oldest barrel used are from October 2011, no barrel is older than four and a half years. With the Second Step Collection we will take you on a taste trip through Box Whiskys warehouse. It will be a journey that surprises and makes us think about young whisky and how it develops when conditions are optimal.

The distillery has changed it's name to High Coast Distillery so these older bottles using the 'Box' name will become rare and collectible.