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Bruichladdich 1985 32yo

limited vintage release


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Bruichladdich 1985 / 32 32 Islay aged years

32 years. A long journey with a few crossroads, a few considered and inspired decisions down the line. This dram comes from the final 22 casks of the legacy stock distilled back in 1985 by a previous generation of Bruichladdich stillmen. This whisky was originally filled into gentle third fill Bourbon casks and lay untouched in warehouse no.14 until 2012. Our then master distiller Jim McEwan discovered this forgotten parcel and re-casked it into fresh bourbon adding depth and complexity.
In 2017 the final 'coup de grace' was a tantalising nuance in French oak from one of the greatest French chateaux. Truly this is a dram with a story to tell.
the very last 22 casks from 1985
unpeated Islay single malt scotch whisky
exclusive to domestic markets
limited release of only 4,200 bottles
vintage 1985 aged 32 years
distilled, matured and bottled on Islay
colouring free and without chill filtration
matured in refill bourbon casks until 2012
re-casked into first fill bourbon casks
a final ace - finished in premium French oak

Tasting Notes

Colour Blood orange.

Aroma An amazing array of notes. Blood orange, nectarines, banana bread, desiccated coconut, vanilla custard, then more floral and nutty tones, geranium, marzipan, walnut, heather honey.

Flavour Tremendous presence on the palate, the texture is wondrously sof and syrupy. The short ACE in the wine casks has given a warm, nutmeg hint and a layer of fruity notes, raspberry, blackcurrant jam and ripe plum, all perfectly balanced by years in American oak cinder toffee, lemon meringue and coconut bounty bar sweet. It opens continually to reveal layer upon layer of complexity.

Finish Long and gentle, the oak influence is strong with waves of soft vanilla wafer, toffee and sandalwood. Then lemon barley sugars, a hint of salted caramel and apricot syrup.

Character Attempting to describe the feeling and style of this whisky will fall woefully short of doing it justice. This is a vintage that will not be forgotten and it is my pleasure to be able to release it to the world.