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Callington Mill Dark Secret Limited Release 2023 46% 700ml


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Limited Release Dark Secret Limited Release 2023

Dark Mofo delves into the southern hemisphere's winter solstice, celebrating the dark through art, music, fire, food, light, noise and for us - whisky. “Dark Secret” delves into our maturing casks to deliver a “dark” whisky with a sense of mystery and mystique. An enigmatic and magical whisky. A marriage of over 9 ‘secret’ casks - with one alluring feature - want to know the secret?

In a convergence of art and distilling, Callington Mill announces Dark Secret, a unique collaboration with urban artist Dscreet. Known for his vibrant, haunting street art across the heart of East London, Dscreet was selected to give a voice to the 180-year-old tales of Callington Mill for this limited edition release. His iconic style whispers the mill's manifesto, evoking a narrative of time, resilience, and the legacy of generations that echo deeply within the mill's ancient walls. This limited release presents the unspoken stories of the past through an innovative blend of tradition and modernity.

Each bottle of the limited release is adorned with Dscreet's raw, vivid artistry through a heavy screen print applied directly to the bottle, with an 'X' motif serving as an emblem of this collaboration. The accompanying canister subtly shares the mill's manifesto in a black-on-black design. Dscreet's distinctive, ghostly imagery brings a whole new dimension to the whisky experience. His work breathes life into the "dark secrets" of Callington Mill, ensuring that the silent tales of the towering mill continue to be told in a new light.