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Chateau Montifaud Cognac Extra


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This is a step up on the Chteau de Montifaud's fantastic XO category. This contains older and more complex aged cognac than the XO. 

A limited edition cognac created by Elodie Vallet (wife of present family owner) to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Tasting notes:
A very old cognac, amber in color, full of light and sprinkled with touches of spices! This cognac will quickly sweep through you
with its hints of vanilla and dried fruits while surprising you with its length in the mouth and its perfect balance!Remarkable aromas of dried fruits, especially roasted almonds.
Great freshness and little tannin. It is characterized by its softness and its long length in the mouth with notes of polished wood, rancio, toasted almond and rich, dried grapes.

While the official definition of Cognac Extra is that it's age averages 30 years, Chateau Montifaud's bottlings right across the range, contain much older cognacs than the legal requirements.

This impressive, beautiful bottle is housed in a luxurious box with gilded patterns. An excellent gift for the cognac lover.

Montifaud is one of the Cognac regions most traditional producers, now in their 6th generation of family ownership. Montifaud maintains a small, but perfectly formed vineyard which is entirely encompassed by the most prestigious Petite and Grand Champagne crus. This vineyard has an excellent level of clay in the soil, making for the ideal amount of acidity in the grape, which in turn makes the most flavoursome spirit. On their sunny plateau, the Cognac house maintains vines of Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche grape varieties, which are all used to create their complex cognacs.