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Chateau Montifaud Cognac L50


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Walnut aromas, cigar box and spicy notes Very mellow, round with an exceptional rancio, typical of the very very old cognacs and an incredible length on the palate.

Chateau Montifaud L50 Heritage Louis Vallet has been aged for a minimum of 50 years. It is bottled at cask strength, which is the natural strength that has resulted after 50+ years of aging. It is a blend of spirit distilled between 1947 and 1955 and aged only in old cognac casks to avoid any excess tannins over it's long slumber.

This full-flavoured cognac shows flavours of nuts and cigar box with tantalising hints of spices and a subtle, exceptional rancio. This rich and rounded Cognac is one to truly sip and savour and will especially reward once given time to breathe.