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Chateau Montifaud Cognac Napoleon Cigar 46% 700ml


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A Cognac specially made to match with cigar


Chateau Montifaud Cognac Napoleon Cigar

The challenge and family story of 6 generations driven by the same passion for more than 50 years, to sell our own production of top-quality cognac & Pineau des Charentes only in bottles. Famille Vallet owns 130ha of sustainable vineyard (mainly Ugni-Blanc variety) in the 2 finest growths of the cognac region to produce a real 'growers' product.

Petite Champagne specialist, we also control all the process of elaboration with our own and unique methods (with environmental awareness), to constantly improve the quality of our products make them different than the others.

Grapes varieties: ugni-blanc mainly.

Vineyard & Soils: sustainable growing process, Petite Champagne chalky soil (limestone).

Harvest: maturity controls; grapes are pressed within 30 minutes after picking up to avoid oxidation.

Pressing: pneumatic presses of 50hls to fill quickly and reduce oxidation. This is the softest way to press grapes and respect their quality.

Wine-making: fermentation temperatures control (maximum 26° to keep all aromas), and then wine storage on the lees for optimum conservation without sulfites addition.

Artisanal Distillation: the white wine is distillated with light lees very slowly; it develops also roundness and concentrates the floral character of the cognac. The 'cut' is only done by tasting.

Ageing: ageing mainly in french limousin oak. 10 to 12 months in new casks and then several years in 'roux' casks (older casks) in our own cellars.

Reduction: slow (5% vol every 2-3 months) with our very special process.

Filtration: very soft filtration to preserve a maximum of flavors and aromas.

Bottling: at the estate.