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Cognac Ragnaud-Sabourin Fontieille Grand Champagne


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    This cognac is from arguably the finest estate in all of Cognac. This very old Cognac combines the power of maturity and the finesse of the region. "For many connoisseurs, the Raganaud-Sabourin estate is the Mecca of the whole cognac region.
    Their whole family of cognacs are "...fruity and well-balanced and remain a yardstick with which to judge the best products of the Grande Champagne" Nicholas Faith, Classic Brandy.
    At Ragnaud Sabourin there is no blending between the years, no sweetening and no colouring. It's just limited quantity production of the highest quality.

    The Ragnaud-Sabourin house is a family-owned producer in cognac's Grande Champagne region. The Fontvieille is named after their oldest plantation of vineyards on the estate and the cognac is comprised from three grapes: 60% ugni blanc and 40% a blend of folle blanche and colombard. It has a prestigious family-run estate with a history dating back to 1850, the cognac house of Ragnaud Sabourin is known for its blends and single vintages produced from only the 1st cru region of the Grande Champagne.

    Though they have classified this as an XO, the number on the bottle (35) is the minimum age of the cognac, so would be at least an 'Extra'.

    Cognac minimum aging is: VS -2 years; VSOP -4 years; Napolon - 6 years; XO -10 years
    (as at April 2018)

    The Ragnaud Sabourin Fontevieille No.35 and producer

    Combining the fruits of well-developed grapevines with an extended maturation period, Ragnaud Sabourin Fontevieille No.35 is a Cognac that demands attention. While technically classed as an XO, the makers have indicated that the number 35 on the bottle is a code for the age, with Fontevieille indicating that the spirit has been produced from the oldest vines of the estates 33-hectare vineyard Domaine de la Voute. This expression has been crafted from a blend of three grape varieties: 60% Ugni Blanc grapes combined with 40% Folle Blanche and Colombard. The result is multifaceted and rich, displaying the very best characteristics of Grande Champagne.

    The Ragnaud-Sabourin estate was founded in 1850 by Gaston Briand and his son-in-law Marcel Ragnaud. Today, Annie Ragnaud-Sabourin and her son Olivier carry on the family expertise, focusing exclusively on spirit produced from their own vines. Sitting on a hill outside the village of Ambleville in the south of Grande Champagne, this wonderful estate may be small, but it is also one of the most prominent houses in Cognac, selling fine spirit to a range of larger companies. However, they always make sure to keep the majority for themselves, which is why the House of Ragnaud-Sabourin boasts unusually large stocks of old Cognac - some of which predate the phylloxera epidemic. As a result, they are able to offer a wide selection of high-end releases.

    Few houses dedicate themselves to such a long-term view on their production, but the Ragnaud-Sabourin family know how to plan ahead. The present stock kept in their cellars represent around fifteen years of future sales - a long-term investment, but always worth the wait.