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Coole Swan - Irish Whiskey Cream

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Coole Swan is a delicious blend of Single Malt Irish Whiskey, White Chocolate and Fresh Dairy Cream from Ireland. It's now in Australia for lovers of quality cream liqueurs and is a drink you will want to keep ready in the fridge. It's not only enjoyed served chilled in a glass but is so versatile to be used in mixed drinks and food recipes.

Coole Swan is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Mary Sadlier and Philip Brady and is based on their family farm in County Meath and bottled in County Cavan on the East Coast of Ireland about 1 hour North of Dublin. In 2008 the idea to create a Premium Irish Cream Liqueur was formed. The aim was simple: to make the worlds most delicious tasting cream liqueur.
The finest Single Malt Irish Whiskey was sourced from one of Irelands oldest distilleries. It was selected and blended with real White Belgian Chocolate and then with farm fresh, natural Dairy Cream. The final result was Coole Swan it was love at first Taste

The name "Coole Swan" was inspired by one of Irelands Great Romantic Poets WB Yeats. The most famous poem being The Wild Swans at Coole. The poem is about the search for a lasting beauty in a changing world an aspiration the team at Coole Swan worked tirelessly to achieve and maintain in this premium liqueur.

The Bottle - The Coole Swan bottle is based on the shape of a milk bottle from Victorian times c1850. The bottles are produced with a special UV light-resistant frosting, keeping Coole Swan fresh and ready for consumption.
Nothing keeps the Coole Swan team grounded more than day to day farm work. The quality of the ingredients are never underestimated or miscalculated as Coole Swan is based right in the middle of the family farm in a converted barn. The grain that makes the whiskey, the Cows who produce the Fresh Dairy Cream... everything is considered and measured twice.

We are sure you will enjoy Coole Swan's quality and flavour. It's different to other Irish Cream Liqueurs.

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This is a classic cocktail recipe thats ripe with potential for Coole Swan aficionados. Mix the drink with our Whiskey Chocolate Cream and youll discover whats been missing all of this time Coole Swan is the long awaited ingredient that elevates the White Russian into the realm of perfection.
50ml Coole Swan
25ml Vodka
15ml Kahlua or other coffee liqueur
75ml Milk
In a shaker half fill with ice then add all ingredients. Shake vigorously. Pour into a glass of your choice. No garnish required.
Alternatively, pour only the vokda and coffee liqueur over ice, stir and pour the Coole Swan over the back of a spoon to float on top.
Taste The Perfect White Russian needs no explanation when it comes to taste. What it does need is the strong but soft texture that Coole Swan brings to it. This will definitely be the new generation of White Russians.If you dont believe how incredible the taste is, try it for yourself! You wont be disappointed.