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D1 Potato Vodka


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The daring character and delicious, creamy smoothness of D1 Potato Vodka are rooted in the careful selection of the finest potatoes. Recognised by the worlds leading bartenders as the ultimate vodka ingredient, D1 London Spirits has taken the craft of potato vodka to a new level.

Tasting notes:
D1 Potato vodka is an exceptionally smooth vodka, balancing two vastly different worlds to give an intriguing yet rewarding experience on the palate. On the one hand it's buttery, sweet and creamy and on the other hand it's vegetal, herbaceous and a touch spicy.

Nose: Toasted sourdough bread, sage, melted butter, earthy and vegetal
Taste: Salted butter, bitter chocolate 80%, sweet fig and wild honey, hints of herbs.
Finish : White chocolate, double cream, Szechuan pepper.

Starting with a long fermentation before three distinct distillations, during the second of these, the vapours are elevated 8 times through a series of 3 column stills. As it ascends, the potato spirit passes over 1,200 purification plates, each raising the liquid a little bit closer to vodka perfection. In the third and last distillation process they use a copper pot batch distillation that adds the final touch of smooth and distinguished D1 character. This meticulous process is controlled with such accuracy that, after blending with water, the spirit drawn from the still can be bottled without filtration. The potato distillate originates from Poland with copper pot distillation in England; blended and bottled in Lancashire, using local water. Gluten free.

D1 Potato Vodka Awards:
Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016
Gold Medal - The Vodka Masters/Spirit Business Masters 2015

Made in London, England, United Kingdom
Established in 2014
Made by the D.J.Limbrey Distilling Company Ltd