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Demerara 1990 24yo Rum - Samaroli


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Samaroli is the Italian spirit buyer who would have purchased a single cask of this rum from the distillery and moved it to Scotland to age with the many fine whiskies they also have. 

The bottle's notes:
Scotland's micro-climate, in which this extraordinary rum developed, has left us a heritage of an ample complex, aromatic concentration.
Vanilla, sugarcane, leather and tobacco emerge, as well as pleasant tertiary aromas. We'll leave connoisseurs the pleasure of discovering the development and numerous immediate details that the glass will be able to give those who have the patience to "listen".

Only 335 bottles filled from the single cask #0.16
Distilled 1990. Bottled April 2014. Matured in Scotland.

The Samaroli rums are unique in that they are able to be matured for way longer than they usually can in their native warmer climate without becoming over oaked or 'over aged'. The colder climate and slower maturation can aid the development of flavours and complexity not found in rums aged at the distillery.
The distillery is not disclosed, called only a "Demerara Rum" however there is really only one demerara sugar rum distillery and the back label shows British Guyana. So rum lovers will immediately know the distillery. It is not disclosed on the label because often there's an agreement that Samaroli will not sell in competition with the distillery's own rum.