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Excellia Anejo Tequila


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Excellia tequilas benefit from the influences of two cultures and three regions: Los Altos in Jalisco, Mexico; Sauternes region in France; Cognac region in France. Los Altos climate produces sweet soft fruity agave. Sauternes provides delicate dried fruit and flower notes and a perfect balance between acidity and sugar. Cognac produces the fines brandy and its very specific rancio character.

Firstly the tequila is hand crafted in the highlands of Jalisco in Los Altos from 100% blue agave. The estate grown plants are cut by hand, cooked slowly in traditional brick and stone ovens, then shredded and crushed to extract the aromatic agave juice. The juice is fermented in wooden vats and twice distilled in copper stills. A unique aging process is employed where both grand cru sauternes casks and cognac barrels complete this very authentic tequila-making process. The young wood of the sauternes casks rapidly grant the tequila elegant sweet and fruity notes. The old cognac barrels subtly impart deep cognac and wood characters. Marrying these two aged tequilas creates Excellia.

Excellia Anejo
Aged eighteen months, Excellia Anejo delivers dessert wine aromas - ripe and sweet grapes, dried apricots and pears - with evolving notes of rancio, baked spices and hers, leather and sandalwood.
The palate is intense and round with a strong tannic woodiness along with fresh spices, ingling pepper and sweet charcoal notes. The long finish is gradual and revelationary with balanced lingering tones of cocoa and orchard fruit.

Excellia is a unique anejo tequila that spurns the easy, standard anejo tequila road of vanilla and honey in favour of a great, challenging flavour profile that gives the anejo category what it has until now lacked: credibility as great, aged tequila, without concessions to sweetness.

Awarded Double Gold at San Francisco International World Spirits Competition 2011