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Highland Park St Magnus 12yo, 2nd Edition


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Distilled in 1998, The St. Magnus is a 20% 1st fill Spanish Oak cask, yeilding 11,994 bottles at 55% abv, non-chillfilted and no color added. This is definitely not the same whisky as the everyday 12 year old Highland Park. 

Color - Fire gold. Truer to the gold color than most

Nose - Slight peat, more like Highland Park 18 year old peat- much more earthy and meatier with a hint of hay and stone fruits. Maritime aromas of saltiness.

Palate - The whisky bring your senses to life with strength on the tongue. It's strong and youthful with spices coming through on the first sip. The second sip is much more accommodating. That initial blast of alcohol is still lively but not overpowering the senses. Spices of nutmeg and cinnamon with a nutty character. The smoke is there and it's still earthy like a planting field about to be sowed. There's a light barbeque note to the smoke.There's leather armchair flavours, mango and guava. Pawpaw followed by a bit or orange peel. This is way more complex the the average 12 year old.

Finish - The finish is long. As the spices and fruit fade the earthy smoke remains. With a few drops of water added its rounds it out a little.

St Magnus is presented in a quality wood case with brass fittings. The bottle is a replica of circa 1870 bottles, made using advanced techniques to replicate the air bubbles and colour of the glass.