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Inspiration Liqueur


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Produced in the Netherlands by Zuidam Distillers, this sensational liqueur is composed from the finest spices and herbs that the Dutch sailors brought with them when they came home from their long sea voyages back in the sea trading days. Real Vanilla Pods from the distant Island of Madagascar, fresh Ginger from India, fresh Oranges and Aniseed from Murcia and Alicante in Spain, plus Coriander from France.

The precious Vanilla and fresh Oranges form the heart of this very special liqueur which is perfectly combined and balanced with the other spices. Delicately sweetened, the flavours make delicious sipping.

Inspiration's golden sweet and refreshing flavours are perfect to sip - room temperature or chilled - add to little to create a tasty champagne cocktail, pour over ice cream, fruit pie, crepes or poached fruit. The options are endless...