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Johnnie Walker Commemorative 1920 Edition


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This whisky is the fifth instalment of Johnnie Walker's Epic Dates Collection.
The Commemorative 1920 Edition celebrates the year in which Johnnie Walker was shipping to 120 countries across the world.

This is one of only 540 bottles, which includes whiskies from silent distilleries such as Rosebank and is definitely a collector's item and for the Johnnie Walker buff.

Found only in Johnnie Walker Houses in selected cities across the world, this limited run of new Commemorative 1920 Edition celebrates the milestone year when John Walker & Sons' whisky blends travelled from the four corners of Scotland to 120 countries across the globe.

Johnnie Walker The Commemorative 1920 Edition, is the fifth release in the Epic Dates Collection which focuses on important years in the Walker brands history. Each whisky from this line is truly a one-off bottling, including whiskies in their blends which come from silent distilleries.

Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by Master Blender Jim Beveridge. The blend, crafted specially using a modern interpretation of a classic technique used in 1920, is also impossible to replicate in the future as it includes whiskies from silent (closed) distilleries. One such whisky is Rosebank, which delivers top notes of fresh fruits and a sweetness from the ex-bourbon oak casks that originally matured this elegant blend.

Releases such as these are usually only available at Johnnie Walker House locations in Singapore, Taiwan, Mumbai, Schiphol, Israel, Korea, and Auckland, but we presently have a bottle in Australia.

Tasting Notes: Featuring a fresh, fruity fragrance with floral hints of heather and sweet vanilla, Johnnie Walker The Commemorative 1920 Edition offers a smooth and welcoming rich flavor. Almonds, toffee and fudge combine with fresh fruit on the palate, giving way to a gentle Highland smoke finish a true celebration of the blends of the time.