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Laphroaig Ian Hunter 30yo Book 1 - 700ml


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Nose: Sweet and medicinal with manuka honey, light peat smoke, cooked apple and rosemary vanilla. Almond syrup and a hint of lemon peel complete the aroma.

Palate: Peaty and peppery with notes of herbs, cedar, kumquat zest and gorse flower. A sweetness of custard cream and vanilla pods.

Finish: Coastal with subtle iodine, sea salt and seaweed notes. A touch of coffee and oaky character.

Colour: Burnished gold.

Maturation: 30 Years in first-fill American white oak bourbon barrels.

Serve suggestion: Neat, with ice or a drop of water.

Welcome to the 2019 release of the Ian Hunter series, a non-chill filtered whisky with sweet vanilla notes underscored by Laphroaigs characteristic peatiness, aged for 30 years in American white oak bourbon barrels. In this series we celebrate the legacy of one man, the last of the Johnston family to own and manage the Laphroaig distillery, Ian Hunter. This is the story of a character as unique as our whisky.


This is the first edition of a new, fifteen part series The Ian Hunter Story celebrates the legacy of one man, the last of the Johnston family - Laphroaigs founding fathers - to own and manage the Laphroaig distillery. A character as unique as the whisky.

Unique. Distinctive. Not for everyone. You could be describing Ian Hunter as much as you could the taste of Laphroaig. Despite his polarising personality, Ian Hunter made Laphroaig what it is today: a whisky enjoyed the world over by a wide and diverse range of people.

Laphroaig is born out of the ancient soil of Islay, the art of distillation and the iconic nature of the people of Islay (The Ileachs). It is thanks to Ian Hunters management of the Laphroaig distillery from 1908 to 1944 that these characteristics were brought together to create the whisky that you hold in front of you today.

Ian Hunters story still resonates across so many aspects of Laphroaig. In celebration of that fact, each release in this series will tell the story of his unique character and his inspiring legacy—a legacy that lives on in our liquid.

This series of rare and collectable aged whiskies honours the legacy of one man, Ian Hunter, the last of the Johnston family to own and manage the Laphroaig distillery, between 1908 and 1944. Each release will contain a rare and aged Laphroaig, set into a beautifully crafted book that will document a part of Ians rich legacy. Every year a new chapter will be told, uncovering the extensive history behind Laphroaig and the characters who created it, making this a collection unlike any other, and one that is treasured by Laphroaig fans across the world.


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