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OCD Espresso Martini Kit with OCD Coffee Vodka. 44% 700ML

Single Malt Vodka


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OCD Espresso Martini Kit


Triple Distilled pure vodka steeped in the finest ground coffee beans.

Following on from the unique distillation process that produces OCD pure Vodka, OCD Coffee uses only sustainably sourced and traceable ground roasted coffee beans. A cold brew method is used to extract the natural oils to give a strong and refined coffee flavour ? perfect for so many occasions - including creating our OCD Signature Espresso Martini!

Using the same ingredients and recipe as created by OCD distiller and Co - Founder, Eduard Otter, you can create the absolute best Espresso Martini you & your guests have ever had! 

OCD Signature Espresso Martini Kit:

  • OCD Coffee Vodka
  • Morgans Coffee
  • Noble tonic 1 Maple Syrup