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Octomore 7.3


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Octomore Edition 7.3

7.3 was distilled in 2010 from grain harvested from a single field called Lorgba in 2009. The malt was peated to 169ppm and the spirit it gave matured here on Islay for its entire life with casks of American oak being married to casks from the great Spanish wine growing region of Ribera del Duero.

NOSE — Opens with the unmistakeable hit of peat smoke followed by ozone and salt spray, then lemon cake. The marine notes characteristic of maturation by the shores of Loch Indaal. Warm the glass in your hand and wait as apricot jam, cinder toffee, vanilla, buttercups and lilies rise and interweave.

PALATE — The texture is a striking testament to the distiller’s art, rich and satin smooth despite the high strength. Initially there is salt on the lips with sweetness from the American oak combining with the peat smoke. A second sip uncovers the heart of the dram through layers of peaches, apricot, melon and ginger syrup. Once there, malted Islay barley and toasted oak compliment  oral notes of wild thyme, mint and buttercup.

FINISH — Everything about this dram speaks of Islay and our slow distillation, the peat smoke and salt spray powerful yet gentle and complex. The Islay grown barley gives a character like no other. The culmination of many hours of hard work, determination and skill, long after the glass is empty the peat embers from this whisky remain alive on your taste buds.

MOOD — Walking an Islay beach with the wind at your back. Salt-laden sand blowing past your feet. Returning home to a peat  re and the warmth of the family hearth. Contentment.