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Okinawa Gin


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From the small tropical island of Okinawa on the south western end of Japan's archipelago, comes this Gin with a difference. Using more asian botanicals, this gin delivers a different flavour set. Instead of the traditional lemon, corriander and juniper base of London style, this gin uses bitter melon, goya and guava leaves for the dry and bitter, balanced by rozelle and shekwasha for the sweet and citrus, and finished with Javanese long pepper. All those flavours on top of Juniper.

Okinawa gin therefore works well with spices. Try it with a tiny pinch of cinnamon powder to bring out the flavours. Garnish perhaps with kiwi fruit or something other than a citrus. This gin will have you experimenting to find your favourite combinations.

A lighter, less lemon citrus tonic works better with Okinawa Gin. 

Bartender experts recommend Rickys for cocktails. Okinawa could make a good dirty martini with the salt and earthy notes combining.