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Pickering's Gin Baubles


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They're back! Get your Gin Baubles for a great Christmas treat this year!

Each pack contains 6 different coloured  baubles, ready to hang on the tree

Each bauble is filled with 50 ml of Pickerings Gin, so 6 x 50ml.  FREE Delivery!


In the months leading up to Christmas, the small team at Pickering's wake extra early, pull on their pointy hats and venture into the freezing wilds of Scotland.

There they forage among the ancient juniper trees, plucking the ripest, plumpest Pickering's Gin Baubles. Once back in the workshop, they fill, cap, ribbon, pack and wrap every single one with the fastest-working hand in Gin Lane.

All summer long weve been out picking Pickerings Gin baubles. Come this November, they will have ripened into the plumpest, most colourful gin-filled Christmas decorations you can imagine. Last year's crop sold out quickly, so we recommend pre-ordering now to ensure you get your hands on a pack this year.