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Porfidio Plata 750ml


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The Plata by Porfidio

Porfidio's Plata has been created with the blue agave purist in mind, bottled fresh after distillation, keeping fresh green agave flavours in a high quality alcohol, with a hint of characteristic white pepper. Specifically, the spirit is not mellowed and flavoured through wood barrel ageing and so it preserves its original flavours, fresh from the still.

What sets The Plata by Porfidio apart when compared to common Blanco Tequila is its greatly reduced methanol conent, which results in extra soothness. This is because Porfidio makes The Plata from cold-pressed agave juice which is enzymatically hydrolised rather than from hot pressed agave juice, which is heat hydrolised or cooked. The result is a pure, clean and flavoursome spirit. Fresh agave flavours with a hint of white pepper. Porfidio's Plata is sipped by some, used as a premium cocktail ingredient by many and consumed as 'tequila shots' by others, there is no best way to enjoy The Plata. It is a very versatile, unaged distilled agave spirit.

The Plata has the same high quality as all other Porfidio spirits:
Made from 100% Blue Agave, not ordinary Agave
Only the first-growth blue agave is used from the Jalisco geographic region
The blue agave juice is cold-pressed and enzymatically hydrolised, resulting in half the methanol content of the industry average (Plata vintage 2019 and after)
Distilled with state-of-the-art German Holstein still
Bottled in hand-made glass bottles with metalic label with natural identical synthetic cork to avoid cork taint.