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Potocki is a premium artisan Polish vodka, created from winter Polish rye grain. It has the traditional characteristics of toasty flavour from the grain, with clean, smooth alcohol which is warming and without burn. Pronounced Po-tot-ski. Its stylish packaging carries the heritage family seal.

This luxury rye vodka has a recipe dating to 1816 when Count Potocki inherited acut Castle (currently a museum in sub-Carpathian Poland) and its nearby distillery. Back then, it was the most expensive vodka distilled in the country. Today it is in the hands of the counts descendant Jan-Roman Potocki. (meet him in video at the end) The distillation is slow and there is no filtration like in other vodkas. As a result, this is possibly the most flavourful, non-flavoured vodka and it has ensured its status as the darling of 21st centurys jet set.

The Vesper martini, James Bond's cocktail, is Ian Fleming's favourite tipple. Watch how Alessandro Palazzi of the famous
Dukes Hotel in London, prepares this ultimate killer cocktail with Potocki Wodka under the watchful eyes of TIME journalists.

The soft bouquet of vodka to start. Most of the action takes place on your palate. Good vodka can be flavourful enough to take it over and keep you entertained for a good half a minute, Potocki does that.

At first it is soft and slightly sweet on the tongue. Its rich texture envelops the mouth, gradually arousing the taste buds, and you can soon see yourself ordering dinner and asking for a refill. While you are still toying in your mind with various menu options, the flavour moves to the back, turning into a long dry finish with nutty notes which are the trademark taste of Polish rye vodka. This pleasant experience is concluded by a warm feeling in your chest (and your heart).

American critic Paul Pacult writes of "a multilayered bouquet that begs for a half hour of sniffing and evaluation", and Robert Plotkin calls it "a remarkable achievement, one worthy of top shelf treatment."

British Class Magazine notes that its "creamy, nutty, rye notes combine with a hint of spice to deliver an incredibly long finish.Jan-Roman Potocki took up his forefathers legacy by producing a spirit expressing the full character of Polish vodka and carrying forth a proud family tradition.

Potocki Wdka today is distilled in central Poland at a small facility surrounded by fields and forests, chosen for its artisanal approach. At every step of production care is taken to privilege taste, starting with the choice of ingredients. Superior quality rye is sourced from the fields surrounding the distillery. The resulting mash is only twice distilled - as every additional run would unnecessarily strip the alcohol of its character at low speeds to ensure balance and smoothness. The distillate is tasted at regular intervals, and only selected when optimum criteria are reached. The resulting pure alcohol is watered down to the required strength and tasted again by Jan-Roman Potocki and the distiller.

The vodka is left to rest for a few days and then bottled without resorting to the customary charcoal filtration, illustrating again at this final stage our commitment to producing a high-quality spirit with an authentic and distinctive personality.