Here is Sullivans Cove's very first Special Cask, yielding only 449 bottles. Free Delivery in Australia.

The Special Cask label is reserved for Sullivans Cove's rarest whiskies. One of a kind releases that don’t fall into their usual French or American Oak styles, these whiskies must also have exceptional scores from our internal tasting panel, and represent the heights of what Sullivans Cove can achieve. Each single cask release will be different, and only one or two casks will be released each year, meaning only a few hundred bottles at most. These might be wine barrels, virgin oak, refills, or something else entirely, but if it’s got a green label, you can be sure you’re getting something unique and incredibly special.

Special Cask #1 TD0202 from Sullivans Cove

Filled on 6th July 2007, this whisky spent 9.5 years in cask number TD0202, a 300 litre, first-fill French oak ex-chardonnay cask, with 449 bottles filled on 20th January 2017.

This expression marks the first time Sullivans Cove released a Special Cask bottling and the first for a white wine cask-aged whisky.

“When we tasted this cask it was like hitting the jackpot,” said Patrick Maguire, Sullivans Cove head distiller, of the new release.
His tasting notes describe the whisky flavours as fresh green apple, vanilla, vine flowers, rolled oats, fresh oak, tropical fruits, honey and fresh herbs.

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