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Tipperary 11yo The Rising Irish Whiskey


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Tipperary The Rising - is an 11 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

The Rising is an 11 year old single malt Irish whiskey - an important point as a lot of Irish whiskies are blended (grain and malt spirit mixed together) rather than purely single malt. Single malt means that the whiskey is made from 100% malted barley.
The spirit was matured in ex-bourbon (both new and refill casks), giving the vanilla & honey flavours that come through. It is also triple distilled, giving the light, smooth character.

Tipperary is a new company, who sourced a whiskey that embodied what they are going to make in their new distillery in Tipperary. This 11 year old single malt Irish whiskey embodies everything they want for Tipperary: it is triple distilled, so remains true to Irish whiskey by being smooth and easy drinking. However, at the same time it has a greater complexity, depth of character and length of finish than a typical Irish whiskey, so will also have something for the whiskey connoisseur.
A small batch was produed for their first release - only 6 casks - making 1,916 bottles, individually numbered. This is a nod to the centenary of the 1916 Irish Easter Rising. Each batch will be broadly similar, but unique.
Tasting Notes:
The nose is rich and sweet. Honey and vanilla with hints of grain and a touch of underlying fruits
The mouth has a smooth, creamy texture. With vanilla to the fore, chocolate and notes of toasted wood develop, followed by lightly drying tannins and a peppery spice in the warming finish.
The finish lingers, long and pleasant. A hint of almonds marries with spice and loiters on the palate.

The perfect Irish whiskey.