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Tullibardine Sauterne Cask Finish Single Malt


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Specially selected 1993 Tullibardine whisky was re-casked into ex Sauternes dessert wine casks for about 15 months after its 14 year aging.

Tullibardine is considered an "Eminently Quaffable" whisky, so they added to its excellence with this wood finished edition. Carfefully matured in oak then gently finished in Sauterne Casks to add to Tullibardine's mellow qualities, this subtly flavoured singe malt whisky is to be treasured and enjoyed.

The colour is a golden, nutty brown.
On the nose is depth of flavour with Dundee cake and orange marmalade. On the palate is lemon and orange peel flavours with a well integrated balance of toffee and cereal notes from the original 1993 whisky.
Tullibardine is nestled on the foothill of Perthshire, where the Highlands begin. It is built on the side of the first public brewery where King James IV sourced the beer for his coronation.