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WANTED Series: The Daring Of NED

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The Daring of NED is powerful and complex, intense fruitcake, caramel and dark chocolate. Oak gives a long, clean finish.


The DARING of NED is from The Wanted Series, a super premium range of Australian whiskies from the NED Barrel House.

This release is powerful and complex, with intense fruitcake, caramel and dark chocolate, while oak gives a long, clean finish.

When Ned Kelly rounded up the inhabitants of the Glenrowan Inn, he made a choice to throw caution to the wind. They were allowed to play games, drink and dance.

DARING has been blended from four exceptional barrels by NED’s Master and Head Distillers. The barrels, comprising two from NED’s Heritage 200-litre collection and two from a special stash of 500-litre European oak, were matured separately and then expertly blended to deliver a super premium Australian Whisky of strength and complexity.

We hand select the barrels to bring power and elegance to the final bottle.  New American oak is punchy, powerful, and rich. European oak is structured, with dry tannin and elegance.  The American oak barrels give up generous oak sweetness and loads of wood flavours.  The 500lt European oak age more slowly, giving mellower spirit, less intense oak, but allow the higher fruit notes to shine.

Barrels used for Daring: