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Isautier Gingembre Citron Liqueur 500ml 40%


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A rum liqueur style "Arrange" from the 170 year old distillery of 'Isautier' on the French Island of Reunion.

Our 'Arrangés' are an image of our island’s flavours. We are proud to present the Ginger Lemon: with its sweet, holiday taste, it will take you to faraway sunny places. This exceptional spiced rum was awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris 2014 General Agricultural Contest.

Isautier are the unique producers on Reunion of this gourmand marriage of traditional rum with spices and tropical fruits. The Arrangés range reveals all the epicurean richness to be found in their land of multitudinous perfumes and colors.

Our tasting advice

To fully enjoy our Spiced Ginger Lemon, we suggest that you keep the bottle in the freezer and serve iced.

Subtle ginger notes mixed with refreshing lemon make this rum a unique product. Savour its smooth spicy taste from the first sip!

Top Rum 2016-2017 Gold (x3)

Top Rum 2016-2017 Top 1

Intertional Wine & Spirit Competition London 2016 Silver (4)