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The Gospel Solera Rye 42.5% 700mL

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The power of Octomore and virgin oak combine again to show another of the endless possibilities we can create when our focus is on the fundamental elements of whisky making.



The Gospel Solera Rye Whiskey 700ml (Australian)

Sweet allspice, pepper and clover followed by dried red fruit and creme caramel. The The Gospel Solera Australian Rye Whiskey is the perfect cocktail ingredient.

50mL Gospel Solera Rye
25mL Sweet Vermouth (we prefer Maidenii Classic)
1 x Dash of dry Curaçao 
2 x Dashes Angostura Bitter

Build all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir down with ice to the desired dilution and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a cherry or orange peel.